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 Nani’s Full Testimonial


“Much thanks goes to Darcey and the strategic methods she utilizes to help facilitate others in defining their purpose, vision and their authentic self. I now have a clearer path to journey in order to achieve personal goals I have let fall by the wayside, and I had almost given up on.

For years I "allowed" my various roles of being a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, and even a good friend take precedence over being what Darcey refers to as my authentic self. In fact, I found myself wondering who I was besides the roles I fulfilled for others. I never blamed others for my lack of achieving some of my own personal aspirations, so I did not fall guilty of the blame game. I fell prey to the belief that if I was the best at being there for others I would find my fulfillment in life, yet, why then did I still feel such a void in it? Over time I wondered why if my life was so full I still felt unfulfilled.

Over this past year I was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread into my lymph nodes that doctors said was stage 3 and a very aggressive growth called an invasive ductal carcinoma HER2 Positive tumor. My diagnosis all the more made me to take assessment of my life. It also made me to have to place whatever aspirations I may have had on hold because now I was literally going to be battling this disease just to survive. The void I felt was countered and replaced by making every day of my life count by focusing on getting well especially for my granddaughter whom I am raising and relies on me the most for her stability. So my first priority was to survive and beat the cancer. Thankfully, after 9 months of chemo and a recent surgery, I am cancer free and ready to steer my course towards investing time in myself towards accomplishing my vision and purpose and passions.

So, when Darcey asked me if there was anything she could help me with after surgery, I sent her the following text:

"You can help inspire me to find my purpose beyond the roles I have played in life. And beyond this fight of cancer. I don't want to live my life stagnant in the midst of my battling this disease. I need to find my passion and use this fight as a catalyst not a deterrent anymore!"

Since then, she came over and has helped me identify how to progress towards making my unfulfilled dreams become a reality. She uses a very thought provoking questionnaire that aided me to also identify why I have not in the past attained my personal goals and what my present setbacks may be that I need to overcome. Believe me time is precious, and I know by seeing her achieve her own milestones in her life that she was the go to for help.

I recommend anyone needing a clearer outline of finding their passions and a course to follow to make them realistically attainable to contact Darcey. She sincerely does care about making a difference in the lives of others by defining their authentic selves! Thank you again Darcey Kesner Hawkins!”

— Nani