Ask yourself…


“Do I feel something is missing from my life even though I appear to be successful?”

“Do I feel a heaviness in my heart when walking society’s path?“

“Do I feel a loss of identity when I look into the mirror?“


As for me…


I’ve answered “yes“ to all of these before.
But my life is different now.


In the past, I put myself on the back burner—putting others before me. I whole heartedly embraced the roles of daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Then I remembered, I am much more. I remembered I am a multi-faceted person with gifts, talents, and purpose. And I’m not alone.

My purpose is to help women discover their identity.

To help them develop habits to maintain their authentic self.
So they, too, can progress forward, share this uplifting life, and be a Phoenix Rising.


I’m ready to help.
Are you ready to take this journey?