Darcey Kesner Hawkins
Darcey Kesner Hawkins
Your Authentic Life: from Visualization to Actualization


Who is That in the Mirror?



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Who are we? Initially, we’re unintentional lemmings. What does this mean? We’re conditioned from childhood to ‘conform’ to societies’ expectations or else suffer the consequences. Many of us carry this worldview into young adulthood and beyond. Author, Darcey Kesner Hawkins, can relate as she put herself on the back burner, putting others before her as she whole heartedly embraced the roles of daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother to remembering she is much more. Remembering she is a multi-faceted person with gifts, talents, and purpose. With heartbreaking honesty Darcey shares of striving for perfection in an imperfect culture, self-limiting beliefs, care taking her elderly mother, raising teenage grandchildren essentially from birth, divorce, and ultimately her epiphany moment to make a stand to live her truth. Her model of self-discovery, the struggle to hold fast to one’s identity and dismissal of self-limiting beliefs is the foundation for readers to find and keep their authentic self in face of societal demands to conform.

From the Author

Thank you for wanting to know about my book, “Who is That in the Mirror?” It is a blessing for me to serve all who may resonate with my story of finding and keeping one’s identity. 
The journey of writing this book began with my 2018 Vision Board. The two most important items I wanted to manifest in 2018 were buying a house and writing my book. The need for a house for myself and my two grandchildren was higher than my need to write my book, so the focus was on my home. With the help of God/Creator/Divine, I manifested my home in two months. Moving and settling in was finally done in May. 
My focus turned to writing. Through a series of divinely laid steps I found Author Academy Elite and invested in myself. 
This book has been in the works for decades without my realizing it. Beginning in my early 20’s I started writing three novels but never completed them. In all these unfinished novels the common thread for the protagonists was the discovery of their identity. The reason I couldn’t finish these novels was because the protagonist was me, and I hadn’t found my authentic self yet.
It has taken me three decades to establish a framework of who I am. I want to guide others in finding themselves sooner than 30 years. 
So, thank you again for sharing this journey with me. It’s going to be an exciting ride!