Pearl of Information - What is Your Life Purpose?

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Do you have moments where your heart is beating in your throat, almost choking you?

Or moments when your heart races and panic is about to overwhelm you? 


What does the above have to do with knowing your Life Purpose?

Let me tell you a little story.

Several years ago I packed the kids off to spend the summer with their Grandad. This was the first time I had been alone with no one to take care of in … oh my gosh, I’ve never been alone with no one to take care of in the sense I’m talking about here. 

This is an epiphany for me as I write this post. I went from my parent’s home, 1960 to 1979, to being married, 1979 to 2013. I had never been alone in 53 years.

Let me define what being alone meant to me: 
⁃ I was alone at night in our three bedroom apartment. 
⁃ I was only responsible for me; to get myself up and off to work and to return home at night

I didn’t have any grandchildren to ask to pick up after themselves. To ask if they showered, brushed their teeth, did their chores. To make sure they were safe and making good choices. I was exhausted at the end of the day updating my office skills at a local college, job hunting, taking care of the apartment, and taking care of the kids at night. I never had the time to think what I would do if I didn’t have the kids to take care of.

      So now I’m staring at three weeks of aimless and purposeless time  at night until they return home again. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m feeling sad, lost, crying all the time with an ache in my heart space until I go to sleep, if sleep actually takes me. Then it’s time to wake and start the day all over again. 

      Sadly, this is how I spent the three weeks while they were gone. It was a taste of being an empty nester. I didn’t have any other purpose.


For the next year…

 … life continued in the same vein; lack of personal purpose. Some might argue raising children is filled with purpose. Yes, this is true, but it is not the be all and end all of one’s purpose in life.

      I realized being the children’s caretaker had an end date. A date they would spread their wings and fly without aid or guidance from me. Yes, I will always be here as a safe touch stone, but not much more than that. I know I can’t flounder like I had years ago so the journey to find my personal purpose began.  


How many of you are ready for a life change of this significance?


I don’t think any of us really are, and we need to be. Realizing you’ve lost your purpose can cripple you at the knees, and you’re not even aware it’s happening.

It’s especially devastating for those who are single parents, or in my case single grandparent. 

Another thought, the life change doesn’t stop at being an empty nester. It could include retirement, loss of a spouse, being sick, etc.  


So what is your purpose?

What meaningful and intentional activity do you want to leave behind as your legacy for your family?


      Hopefully this post will start you thinking about what comes next. What impact will you make in your community? 

      It certainly lit a fire within me. 


      Let me know if this resonates with you

Darcey Hawkins